AGcelerate Lab

Since 2017, the lab convenes every August in Uganda and brings together over a hundred talented young entrepreneurs and students, instigators and change makers, leading academics, business mentors, and development experts to hack solutions and tackle binding constrains to Africa’s agrifood sector.

The AGclerate Lab is our flagship platform for collaboration and co-creation in the Agrifood value chain.

The long-week Lab starts with AGcelerate Journeys; which takes hackers to the field to investigate the problems firsthand. The teams then come together at Makerere University and collaboratively hack solutions for the identified problems following user-centered design approaches.

Agcelerate Lab

AGcelerate Lab 2019

Real-world outcomes for young entrepreneurs in agri-food
August 12th- 17th, 2019, Makerere University, Uganda

The 2019 AGcelerate Lab, which will be held at Makerere University, is built around Scaling from ideas to large scale agribusinesses - to generate real-world outcomes for young entrepreneurs within agri-food. The lab will attract over 150 participants, about 100 of which will be students from Ugandan Universities and a group of Swedish students. The other participants will be from NGOs, Farmers, Women’s and International Organisations, from the private sector and the government. These participants will be coming from Uganda, Kenya, Somaliland, Sweden and Switzerland.